To start things off, I know I haven’t done a post in a while. If anyone actually read and enjoyed my blog, my apologies for that. The reason for this is that I have been a tad pre-occupied with multiple things going on in my life currently, mainly work and other film projects that have took up all of my time. My life has consisted of waking up early, editing, going to work at DNA Arts, going to Somer Valley FM to film, getting back in the evening, editing some more, then bed again. Sounds fun right? I know someone can agree with me!

I’m hoping to start writing here again, but I guess I should move on and speak more about what I’ve been up to. As I mentioned above, I’ve been doing a lot for a radio station called Somer Valley FM. I’ve been having a great time down there, everyone at the studio are amazing people, I’ve had a lot of fun getting to know them, interviewing them, and learning a bit more about how the whole broadcasting works, and it’s been fantastic. The edit is nearing completion, and when the Station Manager is happy about it, it will be released so all the lovely people on the internet can have a watch, and as people on the internet do, judge me heavily for my work. Be kind!

I’ve also been in contact with an actress lately to start production on a short film that I’ve had planned for a long time now, but never got around to shooting, due to talent (or lack of to be more precise). Anyway, I’ve found someone, she’s incredibly brilliant, perfectly suited for this role, and I should be hauling her down from London in the New Year to shoot this short. It’s called Fade Away, and I’ll be posting teasers for it, so keep an eye out.

Moving on to what’s been going on with my full time job, DNA Arts, well, our workshops come to a close on Monday, honestly we haven’t had much success with previous workshops, but we’re hoping to have a great finale on Monday, we then shut down for Christmas on Friday, which means two weeks off! Afterwards it’s back to it, hitting harder then ever, to push events and hopefully a Festival to the people of Radstock, Twerton and Snowhill. It’s been decided that there will be no more workshops, because as I mentioned, they weren’t exactly popular, but we will definitely find other ways to entertain the masses.

-And cut that there