It has been absolutely ages since I’ve written a post on here, so just to remind everyone that I’m still alive and relevant, I thought I might as well do a quick post to quickly wrap up what’s been going on in my life since Christmas, and then I plan to later on go into more detailed posts with each topic.

Since Christmas I have:

-Gotten new kit, it’s all amazing

-Worked on stuff with DNA Arts

-Started and nearly finished a project with a very good friend of mine

-Started picking up on After Effects

-Created an animated logo for Parvus (my production company if you didn’t already know)

-Shot my first ever gig

-Just generally existed

If you think that you would stick around to read more detail on those topics, please do! I will welcome input and criticism on each post, so please comment what you think! It feels good to be back

-And cut that there