On Saturday, I managed to finally shoot my short film that I had been planning for about a year now, named “Fade”. To give a brief synopsis, the story is about a girl who has a necklace, which gives her the power to make things disappear with a touch (think the skittles advert, but with definitely a lot more doom and gloom). I had an incredible time shooting, and the talent coming out of the shoot was incredible, everybody did their part properly, and am happy to say that they seemed to take my requests seriously, listening to every word I had to say.


Also happy to say that I met an actress to do this, whom I had never met previously, and has a pretty extensive past in theatre and film. She was incredibly talented, and I hope to work with her in the future again.

It was a pretty ropey shoot, I must admit. A lot of equipment had to be made using what was around, and one of the shots got a bit risky (It involved me, tripod, camera and a 100 ft tower) but we got all that was needed. Overall, it was an incredible shoot, and I loved working with everyone on a proper set.

Video link to come soon, keep an eye out for it. Also go give Fade a like on Facebook, search for Fade Film, and get tweeting about it on Twitter using the hashtag #FadeFilm.

-And cut that there