In the time spent away from this blog, I had some incredible opportunities crop up for me.

The biggest one would have been the chance to have a short film of mine on a DVD which is being distributed internationally.

This chance came about because I am in contact with a production company about editing a feature film of there’s
later on in the year, and because they have another feature being released later in this year, they had a spot on their special features section of the DVD to feature an independent short film.

The film will remind many people of the famous horror film Carrie, as it follows very similar revenge guidelines.

If there is any interest to see it, you can check out the trailer on the HoodUp Films Facebook page. The film goes by the name of Anchors

Also, if anyone is interested behind the creative process of the film, then I will be creating another post about making the film, the challenges that were faced, and how I thought it turned out overall.

-And cut that there